The “SOCial Competences, Entrepreneurship and Sense of Initiative – Development and Assessment Framework (SOCCES)”., where the Academy for Leisure and in specific the Master in Imagineering programme is a partner together with 5 other European Universities, namely: the University of Coventry, LAUREA Finland, University of Bologna, VTU Bulgaria, University of Montpelier has submitted its first report to the EU Managing Authorities together with the first outcomes:

* Current practices in defining and understanding transferable skills

* Current practices in transversal competences assessment

* Currently known related assessment frameworks for transferable competences

* Business Survey Report

* Current Practices in Virtual Collaboration and Infrastructure Willing to read them in full format, please visit:

Moreover the first intellectual output is already a fact: TEACHING AND ASSESSING TRANSFERABLE/TRANSVERSAL COMPETENCES. THE CASE OF SOCCES (Dr. Liliya Terzieva, NHTV, Dr. Elena Luppi (University of Bologna), Dr. Ivan Traina (University of Bologna); 2015, Journal of Science and Research, vol. 8, BCESC.