Project Description

The new Ima Design Lab is executing Imagineering projects within companies and organizations. It is a new Lab where lecturers, alumni, external experts and current students work as a consultancy for existing organizations.

One of the current projects is called ‘Alleen Samen Werkt’, a project which is subsidized by the Province of Noord-Brabant in the context of ‘Zorg voor Leefbaarheid’. The participants of this project are a group of entrepreneurs from the area of Maarheeze, Leende and Leenderstrijp, in collaboration with the Police Academy Brabant. Together, they aim to reduce the amount of loneliness in their community. To achieve their goal, they started numerous initiatives but felt the need to gain more knowledge on how to cope with the changes in societal behavior. For this interest, they approached the Ima Design Lab.

The Ima Design Lab will give four workshops to this group, as a fast track course on the perspectives of Imagineering.

In the first workshop the participants gained inspiration on the changing society. “Why is it that some initiatives flourish and others don’t? How do we deal with the changing landscape of this society where everybody seems and wants to be connected? How do other organizations deal with these changes in a successful way? How do we reach people for our initiatives?”

After gaining knowledge about these topics, the participants developed new competencies like Appreciative Interviewing techniques and systems thinking. You can read about the personal experience of Bernd Wondergem, projectleader from this group, here.

The group will be given three more workshops where they will gain knowledge about Design Thinking, examples of leisure related organizations who contribute to reduce of loneliness, Customer Journey Mapping, Personas, new business models and many other relevant techniques.

The clip above gives an image of the first workshop and some of the projects involved.