Our Imagineering Experts

Meet some of the people below who really are the backbone of the Imagineering philosophy.

Diane Nijs
Diane NijsDirector

Diane Nijs is an experienced and qualified organization development consultant with more than 25 years’ experience as a consultant and creative catalyst in both the private and public sectors. Previously she worked with organizations such as VRT/KETNET, Concentra/Gazet van Antwerpen, the city of Antwerp, ANWB and retail-chains such as Veritas. At the moment she works with tourism and recreational institutes and with libraries in the Netherlands.

Diane is a respected speaker and presenter and has appeared at conferences in Belgium, The Netherlands, the UK and Denmark. She is a published author with two acclaimed books on Imagineering, one very practical which was published in 2002 by Boom Amsterdam and one based on her PhD-study which is published in 2014 by Eleven. The second book builds the academic argument underlying imagineering as ‘Designing for Organizational Emergence’ or else: ‘Transformation by Inspiration’.

She has a MA in Kynesiology of the University of Louvain, a MA is Leisure Agogics from the University of Brussels and a Phd in using complexity science to bring about organisational change from the University of Groningen (Februari 2014). She lectures both in master and executive master education in the Netherlands.

Based on the combination of work in practice and academic work, Diane believes passionately that organizations and institutions in the 21st century can adapt, change and survive as happier, more effective and more profitable operations, if they embrace lessons learned from the natural world.

Celiane Camargo-Borges
Celiane Camargo-BorgesResearch Coordinator
Celiane is the research coordinator of the Imagineering Academy, also teaching and supervising the masters students. She has a Ph.D. in Public Health, working and publishing at the interface of psychology, healthcare, organization development and social change. Celiane is also member of the advisory board of the Taos Institute Europe, serving as a Ph.D. supervisor, workshop facilitator and distance learning opportunities.
Liliya Terzieva
Liliya TerzievaPhD at NHTV
Liliya is the Coordinator of the Master in Imagineering Programme as well as a lecturer and a researcher. She holds a PhD in the field of Economic and Organizational sciences of Leisure and Tourism. In 2004 Liliya became a certified Entrepreneurship Consultant and Trainer by the Flemish Government, Belgium and by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, Bulgaria and now belongs to diverse EU networks for project development and implementation. Apart from the leisure and tourism background, Liliya holds a second Master degree on “Management of Adult Education”. She has more than 10 years of experience as a researcher, project consultant and trainer in the non-government and business sector on institutional capacity building, organizational development and project management. Liliya belongs to the Global network of e-coaches certified by the British Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Norwich University in the field of company consulting.


Koert de Jager
Koert de JagerPresident International Relations NHTV
Co-founder of the Master in Imagineering and already working for 38 years at the NHTV. Currently De Jager is pursuing his PhD on the theme “New Consumer” at the University of Pretoria in South Africa.
Lenia Marques
Lenia MarquesLecturer in Imagineering
Lenia Marques is a lecturer in Imagineering and  holds a PhD in Comparative Literature.
Geoff Marée
Geoff MaréeLecturer in Imagineering
Geoff as a lecturer focuses on innovation, creativity and design. He also operates as an innovation consultant, publishes and gives speeches, workshops and training session on those topics.
Margo Rooijackers
Margo RooijackersSenior Lecturer
Margo is a lecturer at NHTV and the University of Tilburg focusing on consumer behavior & experiences, quality of life and health. She is also a member of the editorial network of MMNiews, a Dutch journal for the creative industries.
Marco van Leeuwen
Marco van LeeuwenSupervisor and Researcher
Marco is a lecturer and a researcher at the Academy for Leisure and also the Programme Coordinator of the Academic Bachelor International Leisure Studies. Marco has a PhD in the field of Leisure and is also one of the Master in Imagineering thesis supervisors.
Karen Mein
Karen MeinLecturer and Supervisor
Karen is a lecturer at the Academy for Leisure and also the Programme coordinator of the International Leisure Management Bachelor Programme. She is a lecturer within the Master in Imagineering Programme on Entrepreneurial Budgeting and Finance and also one of the thesis supervisors.
Guido Aerts
Guido AertsLecturer Finance
Guido Aerts is a Lecturer in the field of Finance Management, Budgeting, Business Canvas Model and Operational Management at the Academy for Leisure and also a Management Team Member of the Academy.
Wilco van Gool
Wilco van GoolLecturer
Wilco is a lecturer and a researcher at the Academy for Leisure and also one of the supervisors of the Master in Imagineering programme.


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