Where: NHTV Breda, Academy for Leisure (Archimedesstraat 17 te Breda)
When: 11 november, 2 december, 13 januari, 27 januari, 17 februari
Time: 10.00 tot 13.00 uur
Costs: no costs, free workshop
Language: all workshops are in English
Register: send an e-mail

The Master in Imagineering is offering 5 different workshops where you can learn the basics of the competences taught by this master. The TRIAL competences can help someone be transformative, reflective, inspiring, appreciative and leading in a professional field. The Imagineers are hosting the workshops to spread new knowledge, apply Imagineering methods, and tools in order to assist participants to set themselves apart in this complex world and to innovate organizations.

The Imagineers present a different competence at every workshop where you are invited to learn from new approaches. It is possible to attend all or just some workshops. Everyone is welcome. The Workshops dates are as following:

11 November 2015: Transformative
2 December 2015: Reflective
13 January 2016: Inspiring
27 January 2016: Appreciative
17 February 2016: Leading
The students would proudly present their knowledge with you. We would kindly ask you to bring something of your own, such as: an article, a book, food or drinks to make the workshops even better. Everyone can be responsible for the process and we need you to be there to make these workshops a success.