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Times are changing fundamentally: Consumers no longer simply consume and organizations and institutions no longer simply produce. In fact, the dichotomy of consumers and producers, the central icon of the industrial era, comes to an end as both become active and creative partners in value creation. In the making are new partnerships, new relations of fair co-operation where producers enable and inspire participation and creation of the collective for the profit of the individual and society at large. Each contributes and each gains when the collective is flourishing. For organizational designers, this transformation is an important challenge. It is this challenge that is central in the Master in Imagineering and the following Masterclasses.

Master Classes package costs

  • When attending all 7 workshops/lectures – € 700
  • When attending 1 workshop/lecture – € 140
  • When attending up to 3 workshops/lectures – € 120 per workshop/lecture

Promotion Package for Alumni

  • When attending all 7 workshops/lectures – € 210
  • When attending 1 workshop/lecture – € 50
  • When attending up to 3 workshops/lectures – € 40 per workshop/lecture
19 11, 2015

Master of Imagineering presents: TRIAL Workshops

  • November 19th, 2015

Where: NHTV Breda, Academy for Leisure (Archimedesstraat 17 te Breda)
When: 11 november, 2 december, 13 januari, 27 januari, 17 februari
Time: 10.00 tot 13.00 uur
Costs: no costs, free workshop
Language: all workshops are in English
Register: send […]

25 03, 2014

The Social Change Workshop by Prof. Hen Wilkinson PhD

  • March 25th, 2014

During the workshop prof. Hen Wilkinson shall discuss the Conflict transformation: social change and systems theory, where she shall relate to the Reconciliation, aimed at ‘building and healing the torn fabric of interpersonal and […]