From April 2 to April 13 the students of the master of Imagineering went on a 11-day fieldtrip to South-Africa, visiting both Cape Town and Pretoria. Central to this trip was a design assignment tap-ping into the image and identity, challenging the master students to design an appealing evolutionary perspective for the rainbow nation in the context of mentioned cities, studied through the diversity of the interpretations and perceptions. To fullfil this ambitious assignment, the students went through a process of 3 phases: inspiration, ideation and implementation.

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Collaborative work
In order to provide an imagineering context within the fieldtrip a system of rotating leadership was implemented to exercise leadership, managerial skills, creativity and relation-al responsibility. In pairs students were responsible for one day throughout the fieldtrip, which meant pre-arranging the various encounters, visits and meetings and taking responsibility for the well-being of the group.


The process
During the first phase of Inspiration the students visited Muizenberg Festival coordinator Fergus Turner, Cape Town Partnerships, HoutBay Football Community, Design Indaba, City of Cape Town, University of Pretoria and NESO. Along the way the students would interview people from all walks of life. The ex-pert meetings, company visits and interactions with a diversity of people, provided the students with true-to-life insights on the is-sues at stake from different perspectives. After this deep-dive into the challenges the country is facing, the students engaged in a process of ideation and implementation. Narratives, artefacts and action plans were de-signed.

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On the last day of the fieldtrip the results were presented to a jury of 8 from the organisations we met and/or visited in Cape Town.

The concepts
Three concepts were presented. What struck the jury was the high quality level of the concepts and the fact that the three concepts each approached the challenge on a different level, being on a nation level (‘Discover home’), on community level (‘Playing it forward’) and on an individual level (‘I see you, you see me’), while all addressing the same issue.

The jury feedback was unanimously positive. One jury member even mentioned to be ‘gobsmacked’ by the concepts. All in all it was an amazing learning experience for our students as well as for the experts and companies involved.

To learn more about the concepts – please see here.
Playing it Forward

I see you, you see me

Discover Home