We are increasingly confronted with systemic failure in society: many of our systems supporting daily life, such as the financial system, the health care system and the education system to name just a few, need radical overhaul. To realize transformational change of this kind our conventional thinking and practices fall short but complementary thinking, often explicitly linked with the field of complexity science, is emerging.

New societal and organization development approaches are emerging in the context of the much needed social innovation and business innovation such as appreciative inquiry and conceptual approaches like the world-café. Imagineering fits in this row of new emerging complexity-based approaches and does this from a design perspective aiming to evoke systemic innovation by igniting and framing collective creativity in a strategically envisioned direction (Nijs, 2013).

At Imagineering Academy (NHTV/Academy for Leisure) we are engaging ourselves in ‘collaborative research’ with the industry while according to complexity scientist Thackara (2005) the best learning takes place “when groups of people interact physically and perceptually with scientific knowledge, and with each other, in a critical spirit”. Besides of the research projects we orchestrate with several industries and sectors such as the tourism and leisure industry, the health care sector, the educational sector and the sector of social change and community development, we also open our network for a broader public to meet transformation experts and to join and enrich our critical thinking and acting.

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