On the 13th of February 2014 at the University of Groningen Prof. Diane Nijs defended her PhD on Imagineering The Butterfly Effect under the supervision of her promoters Prof. Jo van Engelen from the Netherlands and Prof. Alfonso Montuori from the United States.

At this very international and cross-cultural ceremony there were present representatives of the Executive Board of the NHTV, the Academy for Leisure Director and Research Director as well as more than 25 colleagues from the different Academies of the NHTV, students and partners from the working field.

As the Professors from the Order of Deans shared, Prof. Dr. Diane Nijs did not only do a research but made a real breakthrough in finding the academic argument for the complex phenomena in society, where another, complementary logic is needed today, the logic for designing for organizational emergence.

We all would like to congratulate her for the great success!